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How to Format a Citation and Quotation Correctly in Academic Writing?

It is important that you make correct quotation in academic writing. This ensures that your instructors understand the quotations and get you a good grade. There are several ways you can achieve this:

  • Use a quotation generator. A good quotation generator helps ensure that you put the quotation marks as required on your papers. You may use a citation corrector to improve it.
  • Check on the placement of quotation marks. Determine whether question marks and exclamations are required inside or outside the quotes.
  • Capitalization. The decision to capitalize or not depends on whether the quoted speech is a full sentence or a clause.
rules on how to format a citation

Are you asking, “Where can I get a guideline on how to check the citation of my paper?” Read on for tips on each type of paper.

Guidelines for Proper Essay Citation Format

When citing sources in your essay, it is important to bear in mind that you are giving credit to the other. Therefore, you should include their name and the year. This is usually the author’s last name and the year the content was published. Depending on the citation style, you may use parenthetical in-text citation (Forshee, 2015) and narrative in-text citation {Forshee (2015)}. However, if you are citing works from more than three authors on one source, consider using the el al designation after the first author’s name.

On the other hand, when citing sources with no page number, such as e-book and websites, use the paragraph number. For example (Roshee, para. 3), Use the initials n.d, if there is no date on the source.  Your in-text references should be immediately after the information that you have picked from your source. Keep a list of your sources as you write so that you do not forget any when you are completing your work. Remember to check the citation style allowed by the instructor. You can check citation online and correct any errors regarding the use of quotation marks and grammar.

Proper Research Paper Quotation Format

There are a few things that you should keep in mind for proper research paper quotation format.  Here are a few:

  • Introduce dropped quotes. Dropped quotes are partial classes or phrases picked in the middle of the sentence.  When writing dropped quotes, you must introduce them with a sentence. For example, Leaders must be “visionary and assertive” (James 97)
  • Check the use of full sentence quotes. Full-sentence quotes are quotes with less than four lines. You need to include the reference to the author at the end of the quote while introducing them with quotes. However, you must introduce these sentences with one or a few sentences to create flow in your work.
  • Blockquotes need different formatting. Blockquotes are quotations that take more than four lines. These quotations usually take a paragraph of their own. Use such quotes sparingly in your article to avoid taking up most of the words. Do not introduce such quotes with quotation marks. However, you may start with a phrase and a colon.

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Proper Quotation Citation Article

It is important that you cite the sources of your articles correctly, just as you do with academic papers. The correct citation should always have the name of the author and when the work was published. Besides, the placements of the quotation marks and other punctuation marks are important in ensuring that you have given credit as necessary.

When writing your article, it is always good to note the sources of your work and write corresponding sources in a separate location. This makes it easier for you to remember where to add the references when completing your work. You should cite all work that you get from other sources, including one that you have paraphrased.

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Determining the Citation Format for Thesis

When writing a citation for a thesis, it should include the author (the surname followed by his or her first initials), the year of publishing, the title of the materials, the level of your thesis, your university, and the city. Here is an example: Judith, CW 2018, Using a model of emotional stimulation in enhancing work outcomes, Ph.D. thesis, Wichita State University, Wichita.

 If the work is published, you use italics. However, if it is not published, it is not italicized. When creating an in-text citation for the same, you include the author’s name and the date. For example (Judith, 2018). In the narrative essay citation format, the in-text citation would read the following, Judith (2018)

If you are using MLA style to cite a published thesis, the institution’s name is presented next to the title (in brackets). Where the thesis was included in a database, the name of the database is also included. This is the structure: Author’s Last name, Year the work was published. Title (must be in sentence case) (The Publication No.) [Level of degree, Name of your college]. Name of the Database. Here is an example: Judith, CW 2018, Using a model of emotional stimulation in enhancing work outcomes, Accession number 20134277 [Ph.D. thesis Wichita State University, Wichita] Didmit Publishing.

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Best Citation Format for Dissertation

You can use three main methods to format your dissertation citations: MLA, Chicago, and APA. The college or the types of papers that you are writing may determine the best citation format for the dissertation. Here are a few examples. If you are writing a dissertation in the humanities discipline (Art, Language, Music, Religion, and History), try MLA. The style uses parenthesis in the in-text citations. At the end of the paper, include a ‘Works Cited’ list link to sources. For social sciences, engineering, and education dissertations, APA is the best quotation essay format. It has parenthetical in-text citations and includes a references list at the end of the papers. Finally, for humanities and natural sciences, Chicago is the best style. It is similar to APA style but utilized footnotes.

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