Quotation Check Online vs. Manual Editing: What to Choose?

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Importance of Proper Grammar in Quotes and Citations

It is important to know how to use proper grammar for quotes and citations so that you are able to deliver quality work. Here are other reasons why quotation check is vital for your academic paper and what role quotation marks checker plays in this process.

Citations are a fact-checking tool

Your citations help you and the instructor to check your ideas and facts for accuracy.  If you do not check the grammar and punctuations for your citation, there is a chance that the reader will not locate the resource and the page where you picked the information.

Error-free citations are hallmarks of an excellent researcher

One of the hallmarks of an excellent researcher is attention to detail. You can prove this by ensuring that the punctuation and grammar of your quotes and citation are top-notch. This shows that you took your time to do the research and are meticulous enough to present the sources in the way they are required to do.

Grammar and punctuation enhances your credibility

Correct grammar and punctuation show that you understand what you are talking about. In most cases, people relate the quality of written English as the measure of credibility. Therefore, if you want to have an easier time convincing your instructor, ensure that you do thorough citation proofreading.

importance of citation proofreading

 Is it Easier to Fix Quotes for Grammar Using an Online Helper?

Editing quotes for grammar online is a lot easier than doing it manually. First, the article goes through the quotation and citations at once, underlining errors. This saves you countless hours of having to go through each paragraph. Second, unlike human beings that are likely to miss a few mistakes, the proper citation proofreader does not miss any. Therefore, it allows you to complete your work fast and effectively.

The Best Practices of Quotation Check: How to Ensure That Your Quotation Marks Are Error-Free

Below are proven practices to ensure that your quotation marks are error-free.

tips on how to check citation online

Check the placement of commas and periods

Commas, exclamation marks, periods, question marks, should always be enclosed by the quote marks. However, symbols such as dashes, semicolons and colons are not enclosed by the quotation marks. Check the placement of the punctuation in your quotations and make necessary changes. Here is an example “Did John come home yesterday?” he asked.

Check quote capitalization

Only use the sentence capitalization if you are quoting a complete sentence. However, if you are quoting a clause or a fragment, do not capitalize the first letter. When editing quotes for grammar, read quoted sentences to find out if they are complete.

Ensure the proper use of quotation marks

You use quotation marks when using someone else’s work in your academic writing. However, the work must be a direct quote. Here is an example. Mary said, “I left home in the morning.”  If you paraphrase the same sentence, you do not use quotation marks. Here is an example. Mary said that she left home that morning.

Block and run-in quotations

Do not open block quotations with quotation marks. Block quotes are long quotations that are separated by the rest of the paragraphs. In most cases, they come in a different line spacing, font and may come with a wider margin. You do not need to use quotation marks on them, even if they are direct quotes. The length of the quotes that makes them block quotes vary according to the citation style that you pick.

On the other hand, run-in quotations are shorter than block ones, but they are formatted just like the surrounding text. You do not need to use quotation marks on run-in quotations, even in cases where they are direct quotes.

A quotation mark checker can assist you in following these best practices when generating and editing quotations.

Using a Quotation Mark Checker versus Manual Proofreading

If you are a student wondering, “What is the best way to check my citation format?” You have two options: manual proofreading or citation proofreading online. Here are the pros and cons of each method.

Manual Proofreading


  • If you are right in English, you can edit errors easily
  • You do not need to open any in text citation checker to look at your work
  • You have control of what you are editing


  • When reviewing your citations manually, you should know how to use proper grammar for quotes. Otherwise, you are likely to send work with errors.
  • It is cumbersome and tiresome, especially for long papers
  • You are likely to miss some mistakes

Using an Online Quotation Generator


  • It is fast in finding and fixing quotation errors
  • It does not miss any errors
  • It is free


  • You must go through the work and make changes

Among the two, editing quotes for grammar online is the better method of the two. It is fast, effective, and free. You just need to know how to check citation online, and you are good to go. Try the helper tool the next time you have an academic paper.

Features of Our Citation Proofreader

Here are features that make our tool the best citation software:

  • Quotation generator. You can make quotation online using the generator. It makes the process of citing sources easy and fast. 
  • Quotation editor. The tool enables editing quotes for grammar. You just need to upload the work on the tool, and it does the rest. The editor is effective in correcting mistakes made on any of the leading citation styles. Be sure to check citation format of your papers and change the editor settings accordingly.
  • Grammar checker. The quotation mark checker has an inbuilt grammar checker to correct spelling, grammar, and punctuation mistakes in your work. The tool runs along with other features.

Check your citation format fast with our quotation marks checker!